Forsyth County Clerk of Superior and State Courts

101 East Courthouse Square - First Floor - Room 1007 - Cumming, GA 30040 - Phone:770.781.2120 - Fax:678-807-1381 - Jury Phone: 770.781.2135

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Forsyth County Clerk of Court

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Welcome to the site of the Clerk of Superior and State Courts of Forsyth County. Our Staff continually strives to provide Forsyth County residents with the highest level of professional public service.

Clerk of Court is an elected position serving the Superior and State Courts in Forsyth County. The Clerk and Deputy Clerks are custodians over the land and property records of the county as well as the civil and criminal files and records in the courts served.


General Duties and Responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office

●Adoption Filing and Processing
●Appeals Filing and Processing
●Arrest Warrant Filing and Processing
●Civil and Domestic Court Filing and Processing
●Criminal Court Filing and Processing
●Deed and Property Recording
●Family Violence Filing and Processing
●Fine & Fee Collection and Disbursement
●Garnishment Filing and Processing
●Jury and Grand Jury Management
●Lien Recording
●Notary Public Certificates and Management
●Plat Recording
●Records Management and Security
●Soldiers Discharge Recording
●Trade Name Registration
●Transfer Tax and Intangible Tax Collection
●UCC Recording

Background of the Office of Clerk of Superior Court

The Clerk of Superior Court is established in the Constitution of the State of Georgia. The clerk is one of four constitutional officers who can be found in each of the 159 counties in the state. The other constitutional officers are the sheriff, the tax commissioner and the probate judge. The clerk’s duties are statutory in nature and are found in the Official Code of Georgia in literally hundreds of statutes created by the state legislature. The Superior Court was established in the Constitution of 1798 and is the highest court in each circuit. It is a court of record meaning all records, documentation, and minutes filed in the court cannot be altered after filing.