Jury Instructions

Instructions for July 9th and the remainder of the week

Jurors picked to serve on the case, please follow Judge Dickinson's instructions regarding reporting. 

All other jurors on all panels are excused from reporting on Tuesday and for the remainder of the week. 

For those jurors not picked to serve on the case, this concludes your jury service and you are released from further jury duty.  


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Thank you,
Greg G. Allen
Clerk of Superior and State Courts
Forsyth County, Georgia

All persons entering the Courthouse will be screened by Court Security. Weapons and items such as pocket knives, knitting needles, and chemical agents, such as mace and pepper spray, will be confiscated by Sheriff's deputies.

Outside food and drink are not allowed in the Courthouse. Snack machines, Coke machines, water, and coffee are available in the building.

Parking is available at the Mason Street Deck, located off Main Street and Pilgrim Mill Road, behind the County Administration Building, and the Castleberry Deck and Lot, located at 101 Castleberry Road.